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Darling Ear Shop

Faux fur ears handmade with love 💕

Galaxy cat set : These are honestly my favorite set and they're so adorable!! The lavender and the black compliment each other so well, and it's all so symmetrical! The moon pattern on the ear is identical to the other, and i'm so impressed at how perfect they look! The little star charms add even more galactic flair. The crystals are secure and I'm not worried about them falling off at all! The ears are easy to move up and down the headband, and the wire didn't scratch or snag my hair/head at all!

My custom ears from Darling Ear Shop are literally the best things i've ever treated myself to. They came out so amazingly perfect that I'm somewhat speechless. Having them on is helping me connect to a headspace I had only scratched the surface of. I am beyond words. Please go check out her work if you're in the market for some custom ears, or just some ears in general. She is so amazingly sweet and has such great communication. It's hard to find an ear artist who I so wholeheartedly want to support and help grow, she's amazing.

I am beyond blown away by these ears. Dani knocked it out of the park with maintaining symmetry in both the trimming of the fur AND the airbrushing itself. These ears are some of the plushest, softest ears I own. They are easily posable and moveable, and have the softest airbrushing. No where on the ear is crunchy from the paint! The edges are straight, and THIN! I highly recommend Darling Ear Shop for any and all of your ear needs. 10/10 you are certainly getting your bang for your buck!

Amazing quality ears always made with hard work and love. I have 2 pairs and can never get enough of them! The headbands are comfortable and even fit over wigs. The charms are great quality and stay on perfectly!! 100/10

My daughter who is 6 was in love with her Marie kitten ears when they came in. Marie is one of her favorite Disney characters, and to have these are absolutely perfect for her! Dani was just the sweetest through the whole process as my daughter talked to her about the ears. She’s been asking for another set, and trying to think of what she would like for Dani to make her next!

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