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Terms of Service

- All of my shop sales are made through my website darlingearshop.com. This site is also linked in my IG bio.
- The only sales made through my IG page are auctions and best offers. Once the auction or best offer period is over, I will contact the winner and make a listing on my website for them to pay.
- I do not offer holds. PERIOD.
- My regular releases are open to those 16+. Custom releases are ONLY available to those 18+.
- ONLY BID/OFFER ON A SET IF YOU ARE SERIOUS! If you delete a claim or fail to pay within 24 hours you will be blacklisted and blocked and the set will go to the next person.
How to Pay:
- All payments are due immediately unless it's for a custom/auction/best offer. Those are due within 24 hours of successfully claiming a set/slot
- Payment is made through my website and I have many payment options available such as debit/credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay installments, etc.
- Failure to pay for custom/auction/best offer sets will result in being blacklisted and blocked from my shop
- Shop Pay installments is only available via approval from Affirm. Please see my Payment Plan highlight on my IG for more detailed info.
International customers:
- International shipping can take anywhere from 2-16 weeks depending on where you live. Please be aware of this before purchasing. If you need a set quickly you will need to upgrade to expedited shipping. I am not responsible for any delays in shipping due to customs.
- If an order is returned to me due to failing to collect your package or to pay any outstanding fees/taxes, you will be responsible for paying to have the order shipped back out to you.
- By purchasing from this shop, you accept responsibility for any and all customs, VAT, or processing fees implemented by your government upon receiving your item. Darling Ear Shop is not responsible or liable for any additional fees charged. Darling Ear Shop is also not responsible for any delays in shipping due to customs. In addition, you acknowledge that these fees and taxes do not qualify you, for any reason, for a refund of any kind.
- UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES DO I OFFER REFUNDS! Please keep this in mind when purchasing a set/slot
- If you are unhappy with your ears before I send them out, I will do everything I can within reason to resolve the issue
- If you want a set remade completely from scratch and it is NOT due to a construction error I have made, you will have to pay the full price of the ears again minus shipping 
- Once the ears have shipped they are completely out of my hands. I use priority shipping which automatically includes up to $100 in insurance and tracking. If you would like to increase the insurance on higher priced sets that will be an additional charge
- If ears are stolen/lost/damaged while in transit from the postal service you will have to file a formal complaint with the postal service and they will refund you. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR RETURNING YOUR FUNDS!
- If ears arrive damaged in any way (broken wire, broken charms, etc) please contact me immediately upon receiving the item. For US customers I will fully cover the cost of postage and repairs if I am notified of damage as soon as an item is received. For international customers I would require half of the shipment cost to be covered by them. If this is not doable, then I would compensate with a discount code towards a future purchase. 
- If ears are damaged by the customer within the first 30 days of receiving the item I will cover the repair and return costs for US customers. You will just be responsible for paying to ship them to me. For international customers I would cover the repair costs and half of the return postage. You would be required to pay to send them to me and half of the cost of the return postage. If this is not doable, then I would compensate with a discount code towards a future purchase. 
- Any damage repair/refurbs needed after 30 days would require the customer to cover full shipping and refurb costs.
- If something happens to your ears at any point during their lifespan that you would like fixed, I am happy to refurbish them for the cost of shipping plus a $10 refurbishing fee
- I understand reselling is a normal part of the ear community, so I have no problem with my ears being resold
- If you resell a set from my shop they MUST be sold for retail value or less
- Retail value is the cost BEFORE shipping (example : $45 set + $8 shipping / resale value is $45 ONLY!)
- You may NOT include the fees from depop or other resale sites in the sales price 
- I do not profit from shipping costs, so customers are not allowed to do so either 
- If I find you upselling my ears I will message you once asking you to change the price. If you fail to do so you will be blacklisted from my shop, blocked from my page, AND I will publicly warn other shops not to sell to you. I DO NOT TAKE UPSELLING LIGHTLY! IT IS VERY INSULTING TO ARTISTS!
- I am not an 18+ shop, so I keep all of my content SFW
Processing times:
- I am only a one person team, so I will always do my best to get ears made as quickly as possible!
- Production times vary depending on the listing. Pre orders/BYO ears are typically 4-10 weeks and customs are typically 5-12 weeks. I will ALWAYS state before purchasing what the estimated production time is.
- Rush orders are available IF I HAVE THE AVAILABILITY IN MY SCHEDULE. Depending on the intricacy of the piece, the rush order fee would be $25-50. The customer may also need to pay extra for expedited shipping if needed.
- I will let you know if something comes up that will delay your items being made. If this happens I will include a special gift in your package as an apology!
- PLEASE DO NOT MESSAGE ME EVERY DAY/WEEK ASKING FOR UPDATES! This stresses me out more than I can explain and makes me feel rushed as well as incredibly frustrated. I have a Google Sheet where I update daily the progress of ears, so please look to this if you would like to know the status of your order.